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The mission of B 'n' S is to, 'design clothes and retail them globally, and thus make a difference in the world market through our creativity, cuts, and uniqueness of the attire; thus spreading joy, empowerment, and self-fulfillment
through our designs. 'We will develop our brand positioning and achieve & adhere to the highest
quality standards & work to show new India, with the best of Indian traditions as India stands globally today
that is rich in culture, spirituality, dance, music, etc through our designs, crafts, and spaces
as well as inspirations taken from different cultures of the world. We are dedicated
to innovate continuously & create exquisite products creatively.'





Barkha Sharma

Barkha Sharma, the elder sibling started the company when she was in her twenties in 2009. She is a designer, & dancer. She has graduated with a B.Sc degree from Purdue University, USA. She also underwent a marketing program at the Wharton...

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Sonzal pursued her fashion designing dreams from the London College of Fashion, UK and graduated in Fashion Designing and also studied the art of make-up from

Central St. Martins (London). Her inventive designs were often published...

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Staring at the world from the top of Shankracharya, romancing the extreme beauty of Kashmir, a paradise
of our world & the land of Shiv- Shakti, The gushing water at Niagara & the waves of the
'three blind mice' at Ganga in Rishikesh, to flow with the course of life,
the mountainous Himalayas, the monasteries of Ladakh & the serenity with the
beautiful vibrant colors of Pangong Lake...

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