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 "Beautiful Mind"  - by Barkha & Sonzal for Lakme India

Our collection is called 'Beautiful Mind'.


Our minds go through a metamorphosis from birth to death, from innocence to craziness, a constant ‘Mahabharat’ raging within, constant darkness & light, robotic to pagan behavior; The mind takes various journeys of one's life, through all sorts of dichotomy, our soul purpose of life being to realize the divinity within, & let our light shine like ‘diamonds in the sky’. Come enter your beautiful mind.


Their collection showcases their creations of menswear with funky jackets, trousers, bandh galas, etc with cool cuts & a youthful, fun & timeless style.


The colors used stand for innocence & birth, confusion & divinity. Their inspiration comes from life, arithmetic (Einstein's formula of the 'Big Bang')

( E=mc2) & movies like 'Run Lola Run'.


This season they also work towards building awareness on the 'Baby Wrap Project' for Impact India. Lakhs of babies die in the tribal zones of India because no covering is available for the poor mother to wrap her baby. All that is needed is a small baby blanket of sixteen 7" by 7" cloth pieces, to save a tribal newborn from death!  We are working to build awareness towards this campaign & stitch baby blankets for them. People too can contribute to this cause by either donating INR 400 or via helping stitch a wrap.

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