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Staring at the world from the top of Shankracharya, romancing the extreme beauty of Kashmir, paradise of our world & the land of Shiv- Shakti,

The gushing water at Niagara & the waves of the 'three blind mice' at Ganga in Rishikesh, to flow with the course of life

The mountainous Himalayas, the monasteries of Ladakh & the serenity with the beautiful vibrant colors of Pangong Lake, where 'one is one' with the universe,

Hadimba in Manali with the various colors of the cheeks of the locals matching their outfits,

Marble folds & frescoes through the brilliance of Michaelangelo at the Sistene Chapel, Raphael, Leonardo da Vinci,

Every picture-perfect of Julie Taymor's perception and vision, to create euphoria in the present times,

Dancing to Vivaldi's tunes by Dr.Padma Subramanyam, Uday Shankar's Kalpana, Fosse, MJ, Gurdjieff, all leads to our passion and unleashment of creativity,

Words of Zoonie, Silence that is alive, vital, lethal & bubbling with life & energy, The flower that blooms in adversity, being the rarest of all, of MULAN, growing up in the world of Uncle Pai's Amar Chitra Katha, which became a huge part of our being, Shivaji's Janta Raja, Charandas Chor, Webber

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Wielding of weapons and psyche in lush & green backwaters of Kerala, watching Kootiyatam, Ottantula & being in awe of a world-class tradition with overwhelming beauty, technique & simplicity of the artists,

Marveling at cinema and visionaries like Kubrick, Fellini, Ray, Kurasawa, Miyazaki, Wongkar Wai, etc

The masks on the streets of Venice, for one has to act out their role in life, the muranos, Champs de Elysees at night, tea at Sketch, Dianoor, Textures of flowers, Palaces of Mysore to a time of the ancient warriors,

Ornated Elephants dancing gracefully in Guruvayoor, the sun's rays on the Taj Mahal glistening to its glory, our family above all, tinkling laughter of a child, colourful rangolis & that of flowers, chinar trees in autumn, Vasuki, the serpent lord

Haikus of Basho, the sculptures of Mahabalipuram & Orissa living amongst the Gods on the white sands,

The Goth church of Goddess Kali on the beautiful hills of the Swiss Alps, mystical chants at Sergiev Posad echoing to those at Meenakshi & Rameshwaram,

Gandhiji, Swami Vivekanadji's presence & ode to his Guru at Belurmath, the banks of the river of Dakineshwar into the hills & lap of Katra's Queens, Jai Hind, Yohji, Cycling in Goa to its pace

Goldberg, Gaudi's arches & madness of Sagrada, Frank Lloyd, innocently riding the horses on the merry go round opposite the Eiffel Tower in Paris, Monte mar's eclectic nature, to the smell of flowers & French perfumes, the countryside of Budapest, to the Pyramids & their arithmetic of nature,

Jumping from the skies alone, like a free bird, swimming in the depths of the ocean to exotic colors, designs & lack of oxygen, causing creative juices to flow galore, Bliss

The magical strings of the santoor, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan for the love of the God's to whirling to the moon on Rumi's words of the universe lying within you, Puccini's M.Butterfly, Bjork, M.S.Subbalakshmi's Venkatesh Suprabatham, U2, Beatles, The Doors, Beyonce, Kravitz,

The grandeur of the Udaipur Lake Palace going back into time of beauty & infinite eyes of the aesthetic, dancing in the lake palace halls to the sound of our ghungroos, the colourful attire, jewellery, kathputlis, dance & music of the gujjars of Kutch & Rajasthan, Shresta, Thankas, depth of the eyes by Jamini Roy, doin with LA style at Melrose, KREMLIN, resembling every child's fantasy place,

Takshila, Nalanda, Chanakya, Aryabhatta & the value of zero, Vedas, wheatgrass, all that we are brought up with, spirituality, light of India, Sleeping at the peak of the Chitrakoot falls in Bastar, on a beautiful, breathtaking starry night,

Sipping hot apple tea in snowy Cappadocia resembling the crater of the moon, eating peanuts on the huge rocks with the blue waters lashing in Cypress, VS, dolphins of the angelic realm swimming in Cape Town, Vikram Sarabhai, Abdul Kalam with all our scientific pride, Isaac Asimov, Einstein & his nature,

Chomping on the sweets & kachoris on the streets of one of the most ancient city of the world - Benares, in the lap of Kashivishwanath & weaves of benarasi silks,

Nagas of the Kumbh at Haridwar, Rabindra Sangeet, Tagore's Kabuliwala & to a mind without fear & held high, Mishti doi, quest for more to a:


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