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Barkha Sharma, the elder sibling was in her early twenties, when she started the fashion company with her sister in 2009. She is a designer, & classical dancer. She has graduated with a B.Sc degree from Purdue University, USA. She also underwent a marketing program at the Wharton Business School & an Entrepreneurship program with Harvard University.

Barkha was also selected for a Furniture design research programme course for 'Christies, New York', at a young age, which she opted out to dance in Kerala, and work on the local crafts. She has studied the various weaves of textiles, designing, as well as interior decoration. She also worked at her father's Housing and Construction Co, as Director of the Company and led the Interiors & Housing Department.

Barkha Patel Sharma has worked and designed with various tribes of India, South Africa, parts of Europe, America, Egypt, Russia, etc as well as learnt their local dances. She is also a' kalaripaiyatt' artist from CVN Kalari.

She has trained in Indian classical and folk dancing, Chhau, tribal dancing and dance theatre and has led an ashram lifestyle in Kerala, Chennai & Hrishikesh under the guidance of some of the top classical arts maestros of India, and tries to embody the same values through her creativity. She has trained, instructed and performed nationally and internationally, since childhood in ballroom, latin, jazz, tap, contemporary, Mexican, western folk, etc under Salome Roy Kapoor and Sam Aaron. She is a gold medallist in Latin and ballroom dancing from the Australian and New Zealand Federation. She has also trained in flamenco dancing; with Hossam Ramzy in London; Djoniba center in New York and various other places. She has also trained in classical instrumental music. She has also featured in the music video with world renowned pianist Richard Clayderman and her husband world santoor maestro Rahul Sharma, which was shot in Paris. For Yoga International Day, Barkha danced for "Yug O' Vision", composed by Rahul Sharma, sung by Siddharth Basrur, under the guidance of Hansa Yogendra ji of the oldest Yoga Institute Santacruz, in Asia. It was choreographed by Padmabhushan Dr. Padma Subrahmanyam. She incorporates her inspiration through being a certified sydiver, Indian mythological stories, Iaido,  dancing, martial arts, Yoga, crafts and music in the handcrafted clothes created with her sister.

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Barkha Sharma

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